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Fun Autry Fact:

Gene's television production schedule called for him to shoot two episodes of his half-hour television series at the same time.

Record Information

Melody Ranch

Originally Released:

November 2008

33 1/3 LP Record Album
Gene Autry's Republic Records
MR LP 101
Hi Fidelity
Produced by Carl Cotner and Ken Becker

Twelve Great hits from Gene Autry's popular television shows!

Recorded during the KTLA Television Production, the gang's all here at Melody Ranch including Cathie Taylor, Billy Mize, the Halloran Singers, and the show's co-hosts Carl Cotner and Johnny Bond. Here's an excerpt from the album jacket notes:

In 1964, [Gene Autry's Melody Ranch radio show] moved to television and in color on KTLA in Los Angeles. Every big name star in the Country/Western field has dropped by for a visit, but it is the show's regulars who we present here.

Because of Mr. Autry's many business interests, his appearances on Melody Ranch are rare. But in this recording, we've included two songs performed during one of these appearances. The whole gang had a great time recording these tunes and when you hear it, you'll agree the fun really comes across.

Limited Supply Available

Track Listing

Side 1

  1. Waiting for the Robert E. Lee
    Cathie Taylor, Billy Mize, Johnny Bond with the Jack Halloran Quartet
  2. Tennessee Waltz
    Cathie Taylor with the Jack Halloran Quartet
  3. No Back Door to Heaven
    Gene Autry
  4. The Streets of Laredo
    Jack Halloran Quartet
  5. Out Where the Blue Begins
    Johnny Bond
  6. Whispering Hope
    Johnny Bond, Cathie Taylor, Billy Mize with the Jack Halloran Quartet

Side 2

  1. Lida Rose
    Jack Halloran Quartet and Cathie Taylor
  2. Gotta Travel On
    Johnny Bond, Cathie Taylor, Billy Mize and the Melody Ranch Gang
  3. You're the Only Good Things That's Happened to Me
    Gene Autry
  4. Down On the Old Plantation
    Johnny Bond and the Melody Ranch Gang
  5. Silver Threads and Golden Needles
    Cathie Taylor
  6. Medley: We'll Rest At the End of the Trail / Old Faithful
    Cathie Taylor, Billy Mize and the Melody Ranch Gang
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