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Gene Autry Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about Gene Autry. Still looking for more or didn't find what you were looking for? Just ask Champion Jr.

1. Was Gene married, and did he have children?
Gene was married to Ina Mae Autry for forty-eight years until she passed away. They had no children. Gene married his second wife, Jacqueline Autry, in 1981, and they were married for seventeen years until Gene's death on October 2, 1998. They were two very lucky ladies, and he was one very special gentleman. back to top

2. Is Alan Autry Gene's son?
Gene Autry did not have any children. Alan Autry – former pro-football player, actor, and two-term Mayor of Fresno, California (2001-2009) – is not directly related to Gene. He is, however, a part of one of the branches of the Autry Family Tree going back several generations. Gene and Alan met several times and enjoyed each other's company. Alan is a good friend of the Autry Office. Visit Alan Autry's website here. back to top

3. Gene Autry has all five stars on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. What are they and where are they located?
Visit our Places Special to Gene Autry – Hollywood,California for the answer to this question. back to top

4. When did Gene Autry die, and where is he buried?
Gene Autry died at his home in Studio City, California, on October 2, 1998, due to complications from cancer. He was 91 years old. Gene is buried at Forest Lawn – Hollywood Hills. back to top

5. Where can I buy the book Back In The Saddle Again?
This autobiography by Gene Autry with Mickey Herskowitz, released by Doubleday, is out of print. To find a copy we advise visiting rare bookstores and flea markets. back to top

6. I have a Gene Autry record/poster/sheet music and want to know the value of it.
Neither Gene Autry Entertainment nor the Autry Museum of the American West provide appraisals of Gene Autry Collectables. Your best bet is to contact collectors' stores, flea markets, and auction houses, or visit online sites and see what the going prices or auctions are for such items. We also recommend the various collectors' magazines and publications for prices and market interest. back to top

7. Did any movie have both Gene Autry and Roy Rogers?
Gene and Roy were in The Old Corral (Roy as a member of the Sons of the Pioneers), The Big Show (Roy as a member of the Sons of the Pioneers), and Roy is credited as the square dance caller in The Old Barn Dance, but we can't see him on the screen! back to top

8. How did Gene Autry, Oklahoma, get its name?
Here is a brief history of Gene Autry, Oklahoma: In 1941 Gene Autry purchased a ranch for his rodeo stock on the west edge of the town of Berwyn, Oklahoma. The town petitioned to have their name changed to Gene Autry, Oklahoma. Prominent citizen Cecil Crosby spearheaded the campaign and the eligible voters of the community overwhelmingly supported his idea. Once officially approved, the name change took place on Sunday, November 16, 1941. Gene attended the big celebration and, in fact, broadcast his Melody Ranch Radio Show from the town on that very special day. Read more about Gene Autry, Oklahoma here. back to top

9. Who was Gene Autry's Sidekick?
Several talented actors provided comic relief in Gene Autry's films, radio shows, and television shows. Smiley Burnette was Gene's movie sidekick in 50 Republic Pictures and 7 Columbia Pictures movies. He also appeared on several of Gene's pre-war Melody Ranch Radio Shows. Pat Buttram was Gene's sidekick beginning in the late 1940s. Pat appeared in 17 Columbia Pictures films as Gene's sidekick. In the late 1940s Pat was also on Gene Melody Ranch Radio Show. He was in 83 television episodes of The Gene Autry Show. Both Smiley and Pat toured with Gene for personal appearances and rodeos. Check out Boyd Magers' book Gene Autry Westerns for the list of sidekicks and comic relief actors and their movies. back to top

10. How do I contact the Autry Museum of the American West's Museum Store?
For information the Museum Store such as phone number, email, and hours of operation please see our Museum Store page here. back to top

11. I want to visit the Autry Museum of the American West. When are they open? What does it cost? How do I get there?
Please visit the Autry Museum of the American West's Visitors Information page here. back to top

12. Why aren't the Flying A Pictures television series Range Rider, Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, Jr. and The Adventures of Champion on DVD or television?
Gene Autry sold the rights to these programs in the 1970s and no longer owns them. In 2014 the complete Annie Oakley was released by VCI Entertainment in conjunction with Gail Davis' daughter. Read more about it here. Last time we checked, the Spelling Entertainment Group, Inc. owned the other programs and you'd have to contact them. Send them a letter at Spelling Entertainment Group, Inc., 5700 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036. If you get an answer, let us know! back to top

13. How tall was Gene Autry?
Gene Autry's height was 5 feet 9 inches per the 1949 Flight Officer Paperwork we have in our files. back to top

14. What professional baseball team did Gene Autry own?
Gene Autry's great love for baseball prompted him to acquire the American League California Angels in 1961. Active in Major League Baseball, Gene held the title of Vice President of the American League until his death in 1998. Mrs. Autry was happy to continue this tradition by serving as Honorary President of the American League until 2014. Of course, during the baseball season, she can be found in the Autry Suite with her guests rooting the Angels to another Championship. Read more about Gene Autry and baseball here. back to top

15. What was the name of the Gene Autry's singing group?
Before World War II, Gene Autry sang with a variety of singing groups in his movies, on his radio shows, and on record. After the war, the Cass County Boys were Gene's back up band in the movies and television shows, on radio, on record and at personal appearances.

We currently do not have specific information on the Cass County Boys on the website. Information on them can be found in the books Public Cowboy No. 1: The Life and Times of Gene Autry and Gene Autry Westerns.

Hear the Cass County Boys on these CDs: Gene Autry with the Legendary Singing Groups of the West and The Gene Autry Show: The Complete 1950s Television Recordings. back to top

16. Did Gene Autry have any Native American heritage?
From the information we have, Gene's mother's grandmother (her father's mother) was a Mississippi Choctaw – thus the Native American connection. back to top

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