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Fun Autry Fact:

According to a 1948 Life magazine article, "if [Gene's records] were all shipped to one place, [they] would make up a freight train solid with Western songs and be more than a mile long."

Product Information

The Hollywood Walk of Fame
"Original Stardust" World-Famous
Hollywood Landmark Star Collection

Debuted March 2007
Measurements: 17.5” x 30.5”

Gene Autry is the only entertainer to receive all five stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Two of these stars, for Radio and for Recordings, were damaged during construction of the subway in Hollywood in the 1990s. These original terrazzo stone stars, as well as those of other celebrities, were carefully collected and stored.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has now authorized and licensed the company "Original Stardust" to create limited addition framed plaques of the stars. For the first time ever and in celebration of the Gene Autry Centennial there are two available for Gene Autry: one for his Radio star and one for his Recording Star.

Each limited addition framed plaque features a photo of Gene Autry, a unique terrazzo nugget from the original dedicated Gene Autry Hollywood Walk of Fame Radio Star or Recording Star, and have an engraved certificate of authenticity signed by the Mayor of Hollywood, Johnny Grant.

Gene Autry’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Recording Star "Original Stardust" Plaque

Gene Autry’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Radio Star "Original Stardust" Plaque