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Fun Autry Fact:

Gene tried to play the saxophone when he was a youngster. He finally gave up and turned successfully to the guitar.

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Frosty the Snow Man
Gene Autry's Melody Ranch Radio Show
(October 7, 1950)

Gene Autry introduces this song by saying, "Now folks, even though we may be rushin' the season just a little, here's a song we recently recorded that we think's going to be a big, big, hit – it's Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's friend – Frosty the Snow Man." This is the debut performance of Frosty on Gene Autry's Melody Ranch Radio Show, broadcast live from New York City on October 7, 1950.

Gene is joined on this performance by Carl Cotner's Melody Ranch Orchestra.

Written by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins
Published by Anne Rachel Music Corp.

© Autry Qualified Interest Trust and The Autry Foundation

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